Denim -- Very Cool Web Page Prototyping Tool

This post is a little late since Denim has been around for awhile but at the last conference I was at someone was asking about UI prototyping.  I had used Denim before but I had forgotten the name so I figured I should throw up a blog post about it.

The idea behind Denim is pretty simple but effective.  You are given a large area where you can create pages.  Now this is where things get cool.  The program uses a gesture system so when you want to create a page you just draw an upside down v.   

Once a page is created you can actually draw (or stamp pre-existing things like dropdown boxes, lists and a few other things) on your page.  The next really cool feature is page linking.  Once you have two pages created you can draw a button (or stamp one) on the screen and link it to the other page.  This is actually accomplished by simply drawing a line between the two pages.

So now you've got a few pages created and you want to play with the page navigation a bit.  This is another place where things get interesting.  You can tell Denim to run your design and it will open up it's own mini browser.  The page you have designated as the home page will be displayed.  you can then navigate through the site using the links you have created.

Another nice thing is that there is a half decent tutorial here.  So you can quickly get up to speed on how Denim works. 

So if you haven't given Denim a try before I really recommend taking a look.  It's quick and easy to use and best of all it's free.

posted @ Friday, November 23, 2007 5:16 PM

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