2008... Here I come

Well it's time to get back in the saddle or so they say.  After having a wonderful 2 weeks of Christmas time off I was planning on returning to the world of blogging and coding.  For various reasons that would just turn into a bit of a rant/whine fest I figure it's easier to just not worry about the past and start to think of the future.

I didn't do a full on plan for 2007 though there were some things I did want to accomplish..

Switching over to a contractor has been very successful.  There were a few things to learn about maintaining your own company but that wasn't too rough. 

Learning new things has also been very successful.  I think I'm even to the point where I'm starting to recognize when I'm abusing some of the stuff I've learnt.

Learning a new language has been less successful.  I think the main impediment has been the lack of personal project to work on in another language. 

So with that out of the way.. what am I planning for 2008?

Moving.. I think the time has come to try something new.  So far it looks like Calgary is the most likely target but who knows.. maybe I'll end up somewhere crazy like the Bahamas.  Sadly a lack of a formal education takes Austin, Texas out of the equation.

Learn a new language.. This is something I very strongly believe in.  And by learn a new language I don't mean the syntax.. but the how's and the why's.  Every language has completely different ways of doing things and approaching problems.  I'm currently thinking F# may be the best choice for this..

Contribute to Open Source.. I'm horrible at coming up with my own project ideas but I need something to work on.. so I think it's a better idea to put my efforts into trying to help improve someone else's idea :)

One blog post per week - And preferably one that has some sort of meaning.. and can help spread the word.


So without further ado.. let's get this train started...


                                                                Shane Courtrille

posted @ Tuesday, January 29, 2008 1:46 PM


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# re: 2008... Here I come

Left by Justice~! at 1/29/2008 8:09 PM
About fricking time. That is what I say. Next week prepare yourself.

# re: 2008... Here I come

Left by Adam Kahtava at 2/5/2008 8:25 AM
You're back!

Calgary, F#, learning a new language. You are one cool cat. When you move to Calgary we have to go out for a coffee. Learning a new language is great way to stave off programming ethnocentrism, I've been in the process of learning JavaScript inside out, and have also been working through F# - both JavaScript and F# are functional languages so they share quite a few common characteristics, so if you can't find a project in F#, then you can certainly find a project using JavaScript that will use many of the same concepts.

# re: 2008... Here I come

Left by cat dandruff at 4/29/2009 7:52 AM
About fricking time. That is what I say. Next week prepare yourself.

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