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Soft Skills Book Series – Getting Things Done

Or as I like to call it.. “The reason I got organized enough to actually do this series”.

I’m going to do something a little odd here.  I am going to discuss a book I haven’t finished yet.  But the reason I’m going to do so is that even though I am only half way through this book with a bit of help from Patrick Rhone I was able to take the basic ideas and do an initial implementation of them using Backpack.  As I continue to read I find ways to improve that implementation but for the most part my initial implementation seems to be standing up so far.

Personally I’ve got a ton of things I’d like to get around to eventually.  The problem was that eventually has a habit of being never.  In fact this blog series is a perfect example.  I’d been asked quite awhile ago to discuss soft skill books I have found value in and only now am I doing it.  And funny enough my implementation of the ideas of this book is the very reason for it getting done.

Getting Things Done is written for people (like myself) who have a lot of ideas but spend more time worrying about them then working on them.  I find that the average project I work on is so large that I just end up thrashing by thinking and re-thinking the project.  I never actually sit down and do it.  Between this book and Backpack I feel like I have a lot more control over my life and the things I want to do in it.  I no longer stress about the millions of little details.  Instead I have specific times where I sit down and get control over the projects I want to do.  After that it’s a simple matter of picking which project I want to spend some time on and doing so.

As I mentioned before I’m not actually done the book at this point.  As I read more I am learning ways to improve various aspects of my project planning and implementation skills.  With that said I fully expect the rest of the book to provide as much value as the first half did.  I give this book a strong buy recommendation for anyone who has more then 7 things on their mind (aka everyone who is reading this).


# re: Soft Skills Book Series – Getting Things Done

Gravatar Thanks for the shoutout. Glad I was able to help.

I am doing a review of David Allen's latest book, Making It All Work. Should be up tomorrow morning. Make sure to check it out at 3/22/2009 2:17 PM | Patrick Rhone

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