Getting Things Done Thought…

As I look at my list of projects I consider as being active in my life ala Getting Things Done I realize now that I am…

  1. Trying to do way too much at once.
  2. Focusing way too much in one area.

These are really important things to realize.  So even if you don’t go full blown GTD I suggest taking 10 minutes and writing down every ‘project’ you are thinking of right now.  Once you’ve got that list, evaluate it and make sure that you’re being realistic with yourself about how much you can do (Currently I think I’m equivalent to a single core with 50 apps running). 

And then make sure that you’re not focusing too much in one area.  If all you’re working on right now is code make sure you do something to improve your soft skills (oh that’s right.. I need to add Toastmasters to my @Someday list) and if you’re heavily into soft skills make sure you find some time to read about what new techniques the kids are using. 

Well rounded people are just as nice as houses with rounded corners.. or something like that (Funny what seems funny at this hour..)

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